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Top 50 Tips, Tools and Plug-ins for WordPress Conversion Optimization

Published on: February 18, 2017

When it comes to making your website conversion rates significant, you need to give it a competitive edge. This is not complicated, but if you are not well equipped, you can find it difficult to navigate. Well, here are the best tips and tools you can make use of to accomplish your WordPress conversion optimization.

1. Tips on WordPress optimization

Making your WordPress website stand out and earn a high conversion rate does not come easily, but several techniques can be very useful in getting you to that goal.

Appropriate CRO approach
The Conversion Rate Optimization process should be straightforward, orchestrated with clear goals and the objectives of the website in mind.

Focus on getting the right traffic
Focusing on getting the right traffic is more important than getting a huge amount of traffic that will bounce without engaging with your content or taking action on your site.

Trust Signals
Having element such as reviews and badges that promote trust are essential. These are especially important when you want people to spend money on your e-commerce website.

Relevant information is paramount
The content on your website has to be relative to the reader. If the content on a webpage doesn't meet a website visitor's expectations, they will very likely leave soon after arriving.

Content planning
When planning the content for your site, you should make sure your content is rich with pertinent information, compelling images and / or videos. If you need direction, look at successful competitors in your niche. You want to be able to write content that is as good or better than theirs. If you are experienced in your field already, then you will have a lot of unique information to share. If you are not, do your research. You can hire people to do research for you or even write the content for your pages.

Landing pages
Landing pages are pages where visitors land on from outside of your website. Your title and description of those pages on the referring source should match the content on the landing pages. Any page that is indexed by Google (Most will be by default unless you have specifically requested that it not be indexed in settings) has the potential to be a landing page. Sometimes you will link to specific pages from paid ads and social media.

Make calls to action
These should be prominent. Use active verbs linked to a value proposition. Ensure they stand out from the rest of the page and ensure that all content on the page leads to your call to action. It's recommended to have your call to action above the fold. The fold is the top part of the website you see before scrolling.

Easy navigation
Ensure users have clear and coherent navigation through your website. Put related links in sub-menus to avoid having too many links on your top level navigation. Interlink related pages on your website within your content.

Every element has a role
Check to ensure that every item on your website has a useful contribution to your site’s goals. Extra elements have the potential to distract visitors and also slow down a website's load speed.

Technical check
The technical aspect of the site requires close attention since this has an effect on search engines ranking and website load speed.

Boosting your website speed
Site speed is crucial as a lagging site may cause visitors to bounce (leave without interacting with your website) before your webpage finishes loading. Making sure your images are appropriately sized and compressed will aid greatly website load time.

Caching stores data from your website on a users computer which speeds up load times on return visits.

Content delivery network
A CDN delivers content to a user from worldwide network of servers based on the user's geographic location instead of storing them on the host server. This is essential for reducing latency in browsing.

2. Tools and plug-ins to use on your WordPress site

There are several tools and plugins that assist in helping you to achieve higher conversion. Some use popup which we recommend using with caution on mobile as Google is potentially penalizing mobile sites with pop-ups that interfere with a user's ability to access the content on that website. Many of these offer overlapping features and fit into more than one category. You can test, read reviews and choose which ones you want to try out.

A/B Testing, Analytics and Optimization

Nelio AB Testing
If you need an A/B testing and a conversion rate optimization as well as a heatmap design for WordPress, Nelio has the goods.

Marketizor features a/b testing, online surveys to learn ore about your customers and advanced segmentation.

Hot Jar
Hot Jar provides heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analysis, and feedback polls and surveys.

Simple Page Tester
This plugin is quick and straightforward when it comes to setting up split tests for your site, helping you get the results in three steps. Moreover, it comes with a guide to help you in running your tests.
Good maintenance of your WordPress website could mean the difference between achieving successful conversions, than retrogressing on the same spot. It is apparent that with these tips, tools and plugins on board, you can get where you want to be effortlessly.

AB Press Optimizer
This optimizer offers many features to increase a website's conversions.

You can use this sliding side tab for generating conversions by displaying your call to action in a more visible way for your visitors.

SumoMe is a suite of tools the offers everything from heatmaps to lead capture.

An ideal option for your WordPress site heatmaps, you just sign up for a free account and get to click and scroll tracking.

Inbound Plugin Suite
This plugin suite can help in customizing templates, running A/B tests, monitoring stats on your website.

This plugin creates pricing tables with conversion optimization features.

Market Optimizer
Market Optimizer offers complete a/b testing and conversion optimization. This plugin also integrates with Gravity Forms.

Title Experiments
This plugin allows you to split test your page and post titles.

SES Theme Split Test
You can split test your them with SES Theme Split Test.

Website Speed

This is our favorite image compression tool. If your page doesn't load fast, your visitor may not take the time to stick around, much less convert. The results are consistently indistinguishable from the original image and the reduction in image size is often quite amazing!

Wp-Rocket is an option we use for caching on your WordPress website. It offers several options to improve the caching on your website.

WordPress Super Cache
If you need a plugin that can create static HTML files for the users who are not logged in, then it has to be this one. You may need to configure several aspects, but its performance is worth it.

MaxCDN (Stack Path)
MaxCDN, now known as StackPath is one option you can use for CDN purposes. They can deliver content to a user as quickly as possible using their global network.


CloudFlare is another popular CDN you can use to deliver content.

Landing page builders

Keyword Landing Page Generator
This tool enables you to have one landing page but offers various versions that are depended on the keywords, which means you can show visitors the customized versions separately.

If you want to create landing and sales pages or membership portals, then this plugin can come to your rescue.

Lead pages
This includes a simple landing page builder to enable you to create and publish them within minutes. It also comes with a popup and can capture information from mobile users through SMS.

Built by landing page experts, this plugin is developed to ease customization of the landing page and easier publishing on WordPress. What’s more, you can manage your pages from the plugin.

WP Landing Page
If you want to create an easy and efficient landing page, this tool is a good option. It contains features that enable you to monitor, test, and continually improve conversion of these landing pages.

Woo Commerce

WooCommerce Landing Page Generator
This tool helps you create landing pages for a WooCommerce shop by using UTM codes, URL parameters or Key Words.

Also known as GhostMonitor, recart makes more revenues for WooCommerce stores by sending an email to visitors who did not complete their purchase. Sometimes visitors get distracted or have a problem with checkout. This can help those visitors as well as those that need to see the product one more time before deciding to purchase.

Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce
This is an alternative to GhostMonitor. Both of these plugins will send an email to visitors that were a step away from purchasing.

AutomateWoo calls itself the all in one WooCommerce marketing plugin. It boasts several features including cart abandonment, SMS notification, vip customers, subscription automation and more.

Currency Converter Widget
Currency Converter Widget is a dynamic currency switcher. This is helpful for visitors who are reluctant to purchase when prices are not in their native currency.

WooCommerce MailChimp
If you are a MailChimp user, this plugin will allow you subscribe visitors to a MailChimp list at various points in the check out process.

If you don't use MailChimp, the MailPoet add-on for WooCommerce will let customers subscribe to your mail list as they checkout on your WooCommerce website.

Lead Generation

Optin Monster
This WordPress lead generation and popup plugin is used on about 276,000 sites, offering different types and A/B testing.

Thrive leads
These include several CRO options that can help build your list quite fast. Besides, it can also work well with email marketing.

The bloom Email plugin is an ideal go-to choice for automatic popup and fly-ins. It lets you display unique offers and forms based on visitor location and interaction.

Hello Bar
Hello bar collects subscriber information and sends it to your email list software.

Magic Action Box
This is a lead generation plugin with opt-in boxes, can work with Gravity Forms and further allows you create WordPress feature boxes.

Visitor Communication

Client Relations Factory
This valuable tool is a Virtual Robot that you can integrate into WordPress.

This tool provides an ideal service, with up to 50% addition incoming sales calls, thanks to its automatic callback feature.

Facebook Messenger
Over 1 billion people are on Facebook. You can use their messenger program to talk to clients directly from your website. This isn't a plugin but you can read a tutorial on how to integrate messenger into your website.

Social Sharing

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin
This plugin comes with several options that allow you place buttons and share bar as you deem fit.

This plugin is useful for creating a great design for tweet quotes.


Yoast SEO
This is your top SEO plugin, which featuring prompting for keyword optimization as well as content optimization and description writing. Further, it can integrate social cards and notifies you if your page is well optimized or not.

All in One SEO
All in One SEO is another plugin you can use to optimize your site. They are the only free SEO plugin to also provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce.

There are many actions you can take and tools you can utilize to optimize conversion on your WordPress website. We ended up with more than 50 and these are but a few. If you need help navigating the road of WordPress optimization for your website, you can contact us here.

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