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Google Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can have amazing results on lead generation for your website. It works by displaying advertisements in Google Search engine, with ad spots at the top, and additional ad spots at the bottom of each individual keyword search result page.

Google does not show Adwords for every search, it only displays them if a companies advertising have chosen to bid on that keyword you search. Google Ads are auction format, with multiple variables that affect cost and placement of your advertisement, including competing businesses local and national in some cases. In simple terms, we competitively and actively manage your ad campaigns to ensure that your ads show at the best times, to the best people, for keywords that only bring you new business.

Adwords Success = Business Profit

  • Low Monthly Fees
  • No setup fees
  • Discounted rates for web design & other services
  • Experienced Team of Marketing Professionals

Google Adwords allows for a level of ROI tracking that was not possible years ago, and it advances quickly every year.

We can consistently find your business new clients for low monthly Google Adwords budgets.

More phone calls, more website contact form submissions, more leads!

You can learn more about your customers then ever before, and we use that data to improve your advertisements on Google, facebook, and other paid advertising systems.

If you have any questions – Call 415-237-3932 to speak with an Google Adwords Management specialist and receive a free consultation!

We pride ourselves on a different, more personal kind of service, with monthly reviews of your account. We do not outsource, and our employees are trained and work locally here in San Diego. Conversion tracking is required for all of our clients to fully realize ROI. This means tracking the new appointment/consultation form on your website, and tracking phone numbers in your Google ppc ads. Allow us to interpret Google Analytics and Adwords data to show you which specific keywords, website pages, and visitor demographics lead to a new online customer for your business.

If you’re not converting the visitors from cost-per-click (cpc) advertising at a high conversion rate, then perhaps you need to redesign your website or rethink your content! We can help!

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Our Client Below Gains an Estimated $350,000+ in Profit off of a $14,000 yearly Google Adwords Budget

Above is only 1 month of Google Analytics for 1 business website. The google/cpc under Source/Medium has 64 Goal Completions, which are equivalent to a phone call from the website tracking number, or a new submission to their free quote contact page on their website. For under $1000/month in Google Adword PPC spend, they received 64 new leads.

Google Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can have amazing results on lead generation for your website. More customers, more sales, more revenue. No long term commitments, and a short term return on investment. Call 415-237-3932 to chat with a local San Diego expert.

We Love San Diego!

Kickin Knowledge is a 5 Star rated local small business.

We are a Member of the Pacific Beach Town Council and Webmaster of West Coast Drill Instructors Associate.

We offer special rates for nonprofits and local organizations that help the community. We believe not only in taking pride in San Diego, but also in supporting the community so that they will support you and your business.

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Are you looking for the best in San Diego Website Design & Development? What about marketing services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Adwords?

We are your #1 solution with the successful clients to prove it! Kickin Knowledge excels at search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PPC advertising (Google AdWords).

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