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We’re talking about the future of exploration here.  Completely crowd-funded by people like you and me.  We’re talking about the only venue that could get you involved in a space venture or a journey to the depths of the ocean or both – at The first cool space project of this blog post is the SkyCube (I would have named it DeathStar 2)  This project is already over 50% backed with over 30 days to go!  My favorite part of this project is quoted from the bottom of their page..

SkyCube won’t just let you broadcast messages from space. It will also let you look back at the Earth from orbit. You can request images from the satellite using our smartphone or web app. SkyCube’s images will be transmitted to our ground stations when the satellite passes over them – and then forwarded to you across the internet. You might just see your entire state (or country!) in one image from space, or catch a sunrise from orbit.”

The second cool project is the ArduSat – Your Arduino Experiment in Space.

This Kickstarter has already been funded, with a whopping $106,330 pledged of for a $35,000 goal!  This group of awesome individuals are the first to introduce open source technology to space, and the nerd ate it up.  I’m sure they will get some amazing results from kickstarter backers’ experiments.

So what about the ocean?  The OpenROV’s got that on lock-down!  The Open Source Underwater Robot is already funded with $111,622 pledged of a $20,000 goal.  The New York Times said

It could change the future of ocean exploration.

I believe it!  This little robot packs an incredible concept.  They are selling the kit, but creating the community – the spark to light the fire for an underwater volcano of innovation.  The robot itself is nothing fancy, and has quite a few harsh limitations as far as depth and ability to survive the abuse of salt water.  My brother is a marine tech and he’ll be the first to tell you that electronics and salt water do not mix well.  Regardless of the physical technology, the OpenROV team is positioning the bot as a long term adventure, by putting the future of ocean exploring in the hands of the community.

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