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Looking for help with Woocommerce and WordPress?

Published on: November 29, 2013

Woocommerce is an amazing platform for e-commerce. It has the ability for small business owners to manage and modify many important aspects of their online store. Let's face it though, WordPress and website technologies in general have issues. Plugins have conflicts with themes or other plugins, load times become slower, and even design does crazy things sometimes! Luckily, as an open source plugin developed via GitHub, Woocommerce has a ton of resources for getting assistance with your issues. It is very similar to the community sourced WordPress CMS itself, which has done nothing but grow tremendously in the last 10+ years.  Woocommerce was forked from Jigoshop, and became available on September 27, 2011.  Now it literally runs thousands of websites.  With all the variations of coding styles in the WordPress themes, plugins, and extensions of these thousands of websites, often event the best Woocommerce developers get stuck with errors and need assistance from a third party.  Remember, before letting anyone make changes or updates, it's a good call to backup your database and files (your host can usually help you with this, or use a plugin like BackWPup or BackupBuddy).  Also, getting help and code snippets from random people on the internet could be a dangerous thing for your visitors and your website in general.  Make sure you have some idea of what the code snippet is achieving, and ask questions if anything looks or acts strangely.  Particularly with ecommerce websites, it is necessary to have a secure checkout process.  You can verify the security of your checkout by using the free service at




So you're looking for help with Woocommerce for WordPress?


First and foremost, the Forums have a library of information on all WordPress related issues, including many discussions that are Woocommerce related. These people know and love WordPress, and the experience level ranges from some of the best developers in the world, to first time WordPress users.


Woothemes is the “caretaker” of the open source Woocommerce plugin. Their team members are some of the largest contributors to the code-base which keeps Woocommerce growing.  They are also the industry leader in related themes and extensions.  I always prefer my web development clients to consider their themes.  An alternative and wider selection of Woocommerce themes can be found on Themeforest.  The Woothemes support section is a great resouce for Woocommerce users.  If you create a Woothemes account, you can then access their helpdesk section, a knowledge base, and a forum.  The helpdesk is where you can submit support for paid themes and extensions, and possibly get answers to general Woocommerce questions.  Of course, support tends to be focused on their specific paid themes and extensions.  Their knowledgebase is full of extensive documentation, along with the forum of passionate users.  If you purchased a theme of Themeforest or another theme developer, then you should go to their respective support forum for any theme help. If you have a custom WordPress theme, or you are having difficulty choosing the right theme for your business, then it may be best to call an experienced Woocommerce developer like Kickin Knowledge at 415-237-3932.


StackOverflow has a specific section for WordPress questions that are "tagged Woocommerce", or containing information related to Woocommerce. StackOverflow is widely known as a programmers paradise, and can therefore be quite intimidating if you haven't encountered coding or the culture before. Google will be your friend with any programming jargon you don't understand.


The Google+ Woocommerce Users Community is only destined to grow and I have personally learned a few new tips by surfing around the past posts.  Members tend to be very helpful and Google+ Communities are the perfect infrastructure for sharing and discussion.


Quora is Kickin Knowledge's favorite question and answer website on the internet.  Quora is what Yahoo Answers or never was. A real community of exceptional writers. Definitely check out the e-commerce and Quora Woocommerce topic.


So, maybe your sick of asking for help and you want to learn how to debug code and write your own themes or extensions.  It's not particularly difficult, and the basics can be learned in just a few months of practice.  Start with the basics. What runs behind the scenes Woocommerce?


PHP, Javascript, CSS, and HTML are the coding languages behind the scenes of Woocommerce and WordPress.  It is also beneficial to understand Server configurations and technologies, along with the basics of Mysql database workings (WordPress stores its information in a Mysql database).  For learning coding, I suggest checking out Treehouse education. The unique style of teaching at Treehouse can rapidly increase your knowledge retention and put you on the fast-track to becoming a Woocommerce pro!


Our friend Brad Griffin also has some great material and a helpful video for diagnosing issues on his Woocommerce help article.

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