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Without question, an online dictionary is more convenient and sometimes even more up-to-date than their printed counterpart.  There are several dictionary websites, although caution: some websites allow for paid upgrades that provide a wider range of privileges.  Here is a list of some free and unique online dictionaries:

  • Dictionary.reference.com: This website offers thesaurus, dictionary, a reference database, word games, quotes, and translation services. There is also the option to upgrade the account to premium for even more perks.
  • Thefreedictionary.com: Not only does this website provide dictionaries in several languages but it also provides medical, legal, and financial dictionaries. Among other things, there is also an English Language forum and mobile apps.
  • Oxforddictionaries.com/us: There is a free version and a pro version of this website. However, the free version has many useful resources such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other writing tools. There is also a blog as well as word games.
  • Merriam-webster.com: This website provides a thesaurus, Spanish dictionary, medical dictionary, and an encyclopedia. It also offers free apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad.
  • Onelook.com: This is a reverse dictionary that searches several dictionaries to find that elusive word that you cannot remember; simply type in a phrase.
  • Urbandictionary.com: This dictionary provides the meanings of words and phrases that are part of popular everyday speech. The website also provides a thesaurus, a blog, and word of the day.  Most of it is hilarious.
  • Visuwords.com: This is a visual dictionary that displays related words and terms for the word being queried.

So friends, what is your favorite online dictionary?  Let us know in the comments below…..

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