The Best Online Timers and Stop Watches

Published on:
October 5, 2013


There are so many options for free online timers and stop watches. However, some options are simply better than others. These tools are great for timing any event just as long as you have internet access. Some of these online apps can also be accessed from various mobile devices. The following are some of the best free online timers and stop watches:

  • This timer is the one which I use most often.  I know by heart that will give me 30 minutes to due my next task, and since I work mostly through a web browser, having the in-browser notification and sound alert is key. I suggest bookmarking different increments that you commonly use. For example, I do coaching sessions with small business owners in 1 hour increments, so I bookmarked for those specific sessions.
  • In addition to timers and stop watches, this website provides a host of other digital counters including metronome. It also offers split lap timer, talking clock, and a cash clock for accurate timed billing.
  • This website provides a suite of time management options, time zone converter, calendars, weather updates, apps and APIs, and so much more.
  • With this website, users have access to the timer app that allows for counting down as well as up. It also provides specialized countdown timers for events such as New Year, Election Day, Christmas, and tax day.
  • MultiStopWatch provides a simple interface that allows for split time, lap time, and start/stop timer.
  • Aside from a start/stop timer, allows users to view the last results without interrupting the timer. The timer can also be controlled from the keyboard.
  • This app can be downloaded. It provides various sound and timer options as well as countdown.


As Golda Meir once said, "I must govern the clock, not be governed by it."  I fully agree.  Proper time management is the cornerstone of productivity.

What is your favorite online timer?  Are you a E.ggTimer fan like me?

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