How to Save Serious Time and Money with CLEP Exams

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) is one of the best solutions for shortening your college career while saving you tons of money.  From the CLEP website -

Developed by the College Board, the people behind AP and SAT, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 40 years, accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in over 1,800 test centers.

Sounds intimidating?  Worried about wasting time or money studying for these crazy CLEP shortcuts?

As someone who has passed numerous clep tests, YOU CAN DO THIS!  Their is no quick way around actually knowing the material on these exams, but I can help point you towards all the helpful resources for achieve testing greatness!  I also highly recommend speaking with a guidance counselor at your current school or prospective school to ensure that you are taking the proper tests and path for success.  You can also check your schools accepted exams on the CLEP College Search website.

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests how well a person knows a college subject without them necessarily having previously taken the course online or otherwise. Many people are well read and/or have a lot of experience in a certain subject area that puts them on par or above a college student learning the subject for the first time.

The CLEP examination gives these unique individuals the chance to prove their mastery of the subject by writing an equivalent college-level examination similar to what a college student would sit for that particular subject.

Without a doubt, writing this exam can save a person thousands of dollars on tuition and related fees. Whether entering college for the first time or as a returning student, the CLEP examination saves both time and money for the student.

An interesting point of note is the fact that almost 3,000 universities and colleges accept CLEP test results. However, different colleges and universities have varying rules of acceptance of these results. Nonetheless, another advantage of these exams is the fact that courses associated with the first two years of college are included in the suite of subjects covered.

In breaking down the numbers it can be clearly seen that this translates to two years of tuition savings and two years of a person’s life that will not be spent doing introductory college courses in which they already have a strong understanding. That is likely over $20,000 in savings for the two years!

Educational Websites for an Accelerated Learning Program

Accelerated learning can now be achieved at home using online website services, most of which are free!  Create your own accelerated learning program targeting specific category and skill goals.  Are you studying for very broad CLEP or advancement tests?  Studying to increase your employ-ability?  Possibly you are simply looking to expand your general knowledge to beat your friends in Jeopardy?

The following website list will help guide you through the plethora of resources available online.  Choose and commit to an accelerated learning solution using your favorite choices.

  1. Khan Academy - A wonderful source of lessons on tons of college-level subjects.
  2. Quora - This questions and answers website uses the power of the crowd to source all of its content.  I've learned more in a few Quora questions than college-level classes.  The writers community has some of the most intelligent minds that I have ever encountered on the internet.
  3. Udacity
  4. Luminosity
  5. Scientific America
  6. TEDtalks
  7. Wired
  8. Academic Earth
  9. MIT OpenCourseWare
  10. Open Culture - Categorized courses from online universities


With my personal knowledge growth, I like to use the rule of 30, as in if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit.  So, if you commit to an extensive regime of learning daily for 1 hour, and complete that 30 day mark, then accelerated learning will be easy by then!

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We've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing businesses in the greater San Diego area, and one in particular is the topic of this article. Many of our clients come to us when things are rough, when the budget is tight due to not enough revenue (we solve that with our advanced online marketing techniques), and they are in dire need of affordable, local services. One service that I commonly see small businesses in need of is IT support. For our San Diego clients, we always recommend Endless Technology Solutions, owned by a local entrepreneur named Erik Nunn.

Endless provides a variety of computer services for small businesses, including it support, it consulting, managed services, network admin and security, disaster recovery, and more.

Is Google Moving Towards Image Authorship?


Let's start off with me telling you that I have no affiliation with Google.  Although, I do rank highly for "pretend to work at Google"  This article is purely hypothetical.  In no way am I saying this will happen, but it makes sense for Google to do it.

Images on websites are the wild west.  On one side, you have rogue or simply untrained web developers grabbing copyrighted images right off of other websites or Google Image search.  On the other side, you have large corporations like Getty Stock Images who scan the internet for their somewhat expensive stock images.  No matter which side you are on or support, it's a losing game for a lot of hardworking photographers and graphic designers.

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justin murray google image authorship example

Google Image Authorship Example of Justin Murray

What can Google do about this wild west of image copyright infringement?


Google can give you Authorship.  Google can force the "best practices" of web design and online marketing, by instituting an image mismatch, or "duplicate action" on your website.  How they would track the image as appearing first on a page with your Google Authorship (alt tag crawl date perhaps?) is unknown to me, but anythings possible with Google behind it.  They could even offer to host images for photographers or website owners (acting as a cdn), and then track them that way also.

Offer me free cdn and authorship for my photographs, logos, banners, and icons?  I'm sold.


What do you think friends?

Could Image Authorship be the next big thing?


The Best Online Timers and Stop Watches


There are so many options for free online timers and stop watches. However, some options are simply better than others. These tools are great for timing any event just as long as you have internet access. Some of these online apps can also be accessed from various mobile devices. The following are some of the best free online timers and stop watches:


As Golda Meir once said, "I must govern the clock, not be governed by it."  I fully agree.  Proper time management is the cornerstone of productivity.

What is your favorite online timer?  Are you a E.ggTimer fan like me?

Looking for a Free Online Dictionary?

Without question, an online dictionary is more convenient and sometimes even more up-to-date than their printed counterpart.  There are several dictionary websites, although caution: some websites allow for paid upgrades that provide a wider range of privileges.  Here is a list of some free and unique online dictionaries:

So friends, what is your favorite online dictionary?  Let us know in the comments below.....

The Best Ninja Games of All Time

What are our personal favorites?

A List of all the Ninja Video Games from Wikipedia –

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Some Go Up, Some Go Down – Crowd Sourced Exploration


We’re talking about the future of exploration here.  Completely crowd-funded by people like you and me.  We’re talking about the only venue that could get you involved in a space venture or a journey to the depths of the ocean or both – at The first cool space project of this blog post is the SkyCube (I would have named it DeathStar 2)  This project is already over 50% backed with over 30 days to go!  My favorite part of this project is quoted from the bottom of their page..

SkyCube won’t just let you broadcast messages from space. It will also let you look back at the Earth from orbit. You can request images from the satellite using our smartphone or web app. SkyCube’s images will be transmitted to our ground stations when the satellite passes over them – and then forwarded to you across the internet. You might just see your entire state (or country!) in one image from space, or catch a sunrise from orbit.”

The second cool project is the ArduSat - Your Arduino Experiment in Space.

This Kickstarter has already been funded, with a whopping $106,330 pledged of for a $35,000 goal!  This group of awesome individuals are the first to introduce open source technology to space, and the nerd ate it up.  I’m sure they will get some amazing results from kickstarter backers’ experiments.

So what about the ocean?  The OpenROV’s got that on lock-down!  The Open Source Underwater Robot is already funded with $111,622 pledged of a $20,000 goal.  The New York Times said

It could change the future of ocean exploration.

I believe it!  This little robot packs an incredible concept.  They are selling the kit, but creating the community – the spark to light the fire for an underwater volcano of innovation.  The robot itself is nothing fancy, and has quite a few harsh limitations as far as depth and ability to survive the abuse of salt water.  My brother is a marine tech and he’ll be the first to tell you that electronics and salt water do not mix well.  Regardless of the physical technology, the OpenROV team is positioning the bot as a long term adventure, by putting the future of ocean exploring in the hands of the community.

Top 15+ Websites for Gaining Free Knowledge (and getting answers on almost anything)

We love free knowledge at KickinKnowledge.sharing knowledge

Please enjoy the list below and share it with your friends! – This is one of my favorite websites in the world.  It is a game-changer in the world of question and answer websites.  It allows for social voting – as in the answers to questions can be voted up or down in their ranking by the Quora community.

Google Books– I know, you know, but google really knows.  Check out the link to check out their advanced search. – Not the most dependable as it is edited by sometimes heavily opinionated people.

Ted: Ideas worth spreading – Watch all the videos – no seriously – they will change your life

DuckDuckGo – A web search engine without the filter bubbles and privacy concerns.

Wolfram|Alpha – A Computational Knowledge Engine – Apple’s Siri uses it for many computations.

Twitter – The amount of content links and ability to search instantaneous results makes this a great knowledge source.

Best of the Web Blogs – The people themselves serve the knowledge here.  A great source for getting searching around some interesting blogs.

Google+ – Exploring around google+ can put you deep into the world of tech and content curated by the employees of google and their friends.

Youtube – Not just for funny dog and cat clips (although they are great) – a great resource for video tutorials and tips.

Joongle – Search through ten of the top websites with a unique interface.

Boardreader – Search through forums quickly – Forums are great for community backed solutions to problems.

Bing – Now including social results – Bing is really stepping its game up. – Search through free documents and pdfs from all around the internets.

Google Scholar – Google’s database of scholarly work – including theses (plural of thesis – had to look that one up) “Today I Learned” – Daily doses of random awesome knowledge. – Learn how to develop websites & more.  A great place to sharpen your skills or learn the basics.

Khan Academy – With a library of over 4,300 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, history, and more.


Looking for some knowledge to get you the skills to start your own online business like KickinKnowledge, FarmersMap, or MyRoundRobin?  Check out my friends at Treehouse.  I personally consider it much better than technical schools (Devry, ITT tech, etc)  –

How to Pretend to Work at Google and Be a Google Fanboy

Google is THE place to work nowadays.  With lower acceptance rates than many Ivy league schools, sometimes it’s just better to fake it until you make it!

If you’re a software engineer, you admire them for their amazing suite of apps and constant innovation in programming.

If you’re a database fiend, Google has the some of the largest databases in the world for you to query your little heart out.

If you’re a web developer or graphic designer, then you admire their simplicity and cleanliness.


1) Make your own Google desktop computer based off Goobuntu!

Goobuntu is Google’s very own version of the free Ubuntu Linux operating system.  Today, August 29th , Thomas Bushnell, the tech lead of the group that manages and distributes Linux to Google’s corporate desktops introduced the world to some of the basic Goobuntu configurations and justifications for their choice during a great interview by ZDnet on LinuxCon.  You can download the latest version of Ubuntu off the Ubuntu website.  It is a great operating system with amazing functionality and performance.

2) Decide on the Location of your Google Office (You can click on the Markers and Find Open Positions!)

3) Don’t Be Evil

This shouldn’t be a hard one.

4) Dress Casual (nerdy, maybe hipster)

Casual wear is a must.  Jeans, button ups, geeky t-shirts.

5) Learn the Tech Talk and Net Lingo 

You don’t need to understand all the acronyms, just use them frequently enough to confuse people.

First off, I do not wish for anyone to impersonate an employee at Google or create one out of thin air.  This is purely a speculative post about the style, culture, and tools involved with working at Google.  (*disclaimer: I have never worked at Google)