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Top 50 Tips, Tools and Plug-ins for WordPress Conversion Optimization

When it comes to making your website conversion rates significant, you need to give it a competitive edge. This is not complicated, but if you are not well equipped, you can find it difficult to navigate. Well, here are the best tips and tools you can make use of to accomplish your WordPress conversion optimization. [...]

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Hootsuite Review & Top 5 Creative Strategies for Success

Hootsuite is generally recognized as a "Social Media Management Platform", and it is awesome! It offers so many great resources to manage numerous different social media platforms at the same time. Once you login to Hootsuite, there's a lot going on and it might look a bit confusing. That's where this post comes in handy. [...]

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Track Phone Calls from your WordPress Website with CallRail

Are you looking for a more clear ROI from your online marketing? Your business should be tracking phone calls from your website and other online marketing channels. It's cheap, easy to setup, and allows for optimal refinement of your marketing campaigns. CallRail is the answer. Trusted by more than 10,000 companies, CallRail tracks phone calls [...]

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Improving Woocommerce Checkout Conversion with a Custom Error Message

Woocommerce is awesome.  My favorite e-commerce structure for myself and clients.  It does however, have some issues with conversion, particularly in the checkout process of and other payment gateways that accept credit cards. Here's the issue... when a potential customer goes to checkout in a Woocommerce store (with for example payment gateway plugin), [...]

Wooing Business into Ecommerce Prosperity

    Wooing Business Into Ecommerce Prosperity With Woocommerce By: Justin Michael Murray Business trends in the current day and age have changed tremendously with the influx of internet technology and online communication. The internet has become the home for marketing and promotion of business products. It is possible for a Small business to explode [...]

Essential E-Commerce Icons, Security Badges, and Call-to-Actions

Are you interested in the best e-commerce icons, security badges and call-to-actions?  I've researched the best embeddable icons and badges, so that e-commerce owners may make the best selection for their online store.  The visual aspect of an e-commerce website is one of the most often overlooked and misunderstood concepts.  Visitors need to feel safe [...]

Is Google Moving Towards Image Authorship?

  Let's start off with me telling you that I have no affiliation with Google.  Although, I do rank highly for "pretend to work at Google"  This article is purely hypothetical.  In no way am I saying this will happen, but it makes sense for Google to do it. Images on websites are the wild [...]

How to Add Google Authorship to your Quora Profile

Quora is one of the few websites that have metadata chosen by Google to show you Quora profile picture and Authorship for Answers of questions on the social network.  This is a great opportunity for more personal branding and reputation building.  Become an authority figure in your industry, and provide value to a fast growing [...]

Why Your Online Marketing is Failing and Why We Won’t Let That Happen

Harsh.  I know.  But don't worry, the majority of businesses fail at online marketing.  I blame the massive failure rate in conversions and speed and ppc management on greed.  Jerry Maguire said it best... Fewer clients, less money, more personal attention I have seen large online marketing firms operating with multi-million dollar budgets and failing to deliver a [...]