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Justin Murray is CEO of KickinKnowledge, Web Developer, Designer, Marketing Jack of all Trades. Specializing in SEO Consulting and Ecommerce Consulting.

Local Search Engine Optimization Knowledge for Small Business

Over the past few years, I have dealt with many business owners who are confused about local seo and the process involved.  It takes time to rank organically in Google for many competitive location based searches.  I have seen first page rankings take anywhere from 2-14 months, depending on the industry, competitiveness, and strategies used. [...]

Is Woocommerce the ultimate ecommerce solution for WordPress?

In my personal and professional opinion, yes!  I use WordPress almost everyday.  Throughout my career, I have used WordPress to create over 40 websites. It is the perfect compromise between seo structure, usability, and design capability. The plugins that are available for WordPress allow for easy integration of amazing functionality. Although, I have always been [...]

Top 15+ Websites for Gaining Free Knowledge (and getting answers on almost anything)

We love free knowledge at KickinKnowledge. Please enjoy the list below and share it with your friends! Quora.com – This is one of my favorite websites in the world.  It is a game-changer in the world of question and answer websites.  It allows for social voting – as in the answers to questions can be [...]

How to Pretend to Work at Google and Be a Google Fanboy

Google is THE place to work nowadays.  With lower acceptance rates than many Ivy league schools, sometimes it’s just better to fake it until you make it! If you’re a software engineer, you admire them for their amazing suite of apps and constant innovation in programming. If you’re a database fiend, Google has the some [...]

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