Looking for a Free Online Dictionary?

Without question, an online dictionary is more convenient and sometimes even more up-to-date than their printed counterpart.  There are several dictionary websites, although caution: some websites allow for paid upgrades that provide a wider range of privileges.  Here is a list of some free and unique online dictionaries:

So friends, what is your favorite online dictionary?  Let us know in the comments below.....

Why Your Online Marketing is Failing and Why We Won't Let That Happen

Harsh.  I know.  But don't worry, the majority of businesses fail at online marketing.  I blame the massive failure rate in conversions and speed and ppc management on greed.  Jerry Maguire said it best...

Fewer clients, less money, more personal attention

I have seen large online marketing firms operating with multi-million dollar budgets and failing to deliver a quality website and marketing plan.  Their solution is a call center that reads from scripts and ensures you of their quality, without looking at your analytics or link patterns.  They offer editing of your website, but fail to add in Alt tags (for people with visual impairments) for any of the images.  Some clients pay $500+ per month in PPC management, and less than $150 goes into the actual Google Adwords account.

For over two years now, I have been assisting small businesses in their website development, online marketing, and social media marketing.  Some of these clients are getting leads on a monthly basis and making great strides in their SEO and content marketing plans.  The rest of these clients are either unable to invest in online marketing, struggling with the tasks (blogging, directories, etc), or simply caught up with the real world expectations of running a business.  These clients, and my successful clients, are now  enrolled in the KickinKnowledge "You Will Make Money" Plan.  It's simple, whether you can pay us or not, or whether you believe in your online marketing or not, you will be assisted by KickinKnowledge automagically.  We will be surprising you with blog posts, press releases, static pages, pinterest images, facebook posts, tweets, and more!

RKSShots.com Photography Website

RKSShots.com is a custom WordPress responsive website for RKS Photography of Escondido.  Using our DIY online marketing coaching, RKSShots had made significant improvements in their standings in organic Google search engines.  Owner Richard Schultz is quickly on his way to becoming a pillar in the online photography community with his blog on his website.  Website's with a blog or news section with a RSS feed that is regularly updated can have a significant advantage in obtaining natural Google rankings.  All of our websites at KickinKnowledge have RSS feeds, customized for optimal result and protection of your content.

UngerDogs.com WordPress Website

Dog groomers shouldn't have boring websites!  They should be fun and responsive like Ungerdogs.com.  A WordPress CMS website with custom design and graphics.

GeoMetric Moving WordPress Website

Connecticut's best moving company is well represented in this HTML/CSS3 responsive wordpress website.

HeadMatcher.com WordPress Website

The leader in executive search solutions, HeadMatcher.com is a fast and functional responsive WordPress website.

Justin Murray Personal Branding Website

JustinMurray.me is my personal branding website.  Highlighting some of my accomplishments and special moments in my life.  Twitter stream integration and youtube integrations.

NanaKeeks.com Ecommerce Website

NanaKeeks.com is a responsive WordPress e-commerce website selling the very best in gourmet cookies.  The chocolate cherry expresso brownie cookies are my personal favorite!

Quickercoins.com WordPress Website

Quickercoins is a crypto-currency culture website created in WordPress during a conference with Hypergogo Web Design.

MyRoundRobin.com - DIY Online Marketing Website

A tool for small business owners to succeed on their initial path in DIY online marketing.  Tons of videos for  do-it-yourself SEO and Social Media Marketing.  WordPress responsive design with custom e-commerce integrations.