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Justin Murray is CEO of KickinKnowledge, Web Developer, Designer, Marketing Jack of all Trades. Specializing in SEO Consulting and Ecommerce Consulting.

Improving Woocommerce Checkout Conversion with a Custom Error Message

Woocommerce is awesome.  My favorite e-commerce structure for myself and clients.  It does however, have some issues with conversion, particularly in the checkout process of Authorize.net and other payment gateways that accept credit cards. Here's the issue... when a potential customer goes to checkout in a Woocommerce store (with for example Authorize.net payment gateway plugin), [...]

Wooing Business into Ecommerce Prosperity

    Wooing Business Into Ecommerce Prosperity With Woocommerce By: Justin Michael Murray Business trends in the current day and age have changed tremendously with the influx of internet technology and online communication. The internet has become the home for marketing and promotion of business products. It is possible for a Small business to explode [...]

A Guide to Woocommerce Security

  Owning and/or managing an ecommerce website can sometimes be overwhelming.  Far too often I am asked to review a Woocommerce website for marketing or development work and I then immediately realize that the store is insecure and contains possibly serious security issues.  This puts a massive amount of liability on the owner of the [...]

Looking for help with Woocommerce and WordPress?

Woocommerce is an amazing platform for e-commerce. It has the ability for small business owners to manage and modify many important aspects of their online store. Let's face it though, WordPress and website technologies in general have issues. Plugins have conflicts with themes or other plugins, load times become slower, and even design does crazy [...]

Essential E-Commerce Icons, Security Badges, and Call-to-Actions

Are you interested in the best e-commerce icons, security badges and call-to-actions?  I've researched the best embeddable icons and badges, so that e-commerce owners may make the best selection for their online store.  The visual aspect of an e-commerce website is one of the most often overlooked and misunderstood concepts.  Visitors need to feel safe [...]

Is Google Moving Towards Image Authorship?

  Let's start off with me telling you that I have no affiliation with Google.  Although, I do rank highly for "pretend to work at Google"  This article is purely hypothetical.  In no way am I saying this will happen, but it makes sense for Google to do it. Images on websites are the wild [...]

HMTL Dropdown Menu Made Easy

When devising navigation for your website, a html dropdown menu is a common technique for creating a visual hierarchy of your webpage content.  The design and function of your main navigation can mean a huge difference in your conversion rate.  A good conversion rate is essential for proper internet marketing of your business.  Your visitors [...]

How to Add Google Authorship to your Quora Profile

Quora is one of the few websites that have metadata chosen by Google to show you Quora profile picture and Authorship for Answers of questions on the social network.  This is a great opportunity for more personal branding and reputation building.  Become an authority figure in your industry, and provide value to a fast growing [...]

The Best Online Timers and Stop Watches

  There are so many options for free online timers and stop watches. However, some options are simply better than others. These tools are great for timing any event just as long as you have internet access. Some of these online apps can also be accessed from various mobile devices. The following are some of [...]